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J D Smith to integrate FleetLink, TruckMate

Tripmaster Corp has announced the sale of a FleetLink onboard wireless communications system to J D Smith and Sons, a Toronto, Canada-based logistics management company. FleetLink, developed by FleetMind Solutions Inc, an affiliate of Tripmaster, will be integrated into J D Smith's existing Truck-Mate for Windows enterprise software.

TruckMate for Windows is a product of Maddocks Systems Inc. The integrated system is designed to increase route profitability while allowing onboard monitoring of a range of driver and vehicle performance data.

J D Smith is also using the FleetLink system to participate in the federal government's Freight Sustainability Demonstration Program to encourage more efficient driver behavior and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. FleetLink can monitor driver performance in real-time, create daily driver performance reports, and monitor fuel consumption as well as other critical vehicular data.

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