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Jamaican company selects Retalix system

Jamaica-based National Meats and Food Distributors Ltd has selected Retalix Power Enterprise Advanced Edition, a fully integrated enterprisewide software system designed for the wholesale distribution industry.

“Our investment in Retalix technology will eliminate current standalone systems and manual processes that cannot sustain the steep growth path we've envisioned,” said David Phillips, owner and managing director, National Meats & Food Distributors. “In addition to growing within the refrigerated foods sectors, we'll be adding dry goods in 2007. We expect to increase efficiency in all aspects of management and operations and surge ahead to the forefront of service offerings in the sales and distribution of refrigerated, frozen and dry goods in Jamaica.”

Retalix Power Enterprise is a synchronized software suite that enables distributors to streamline virtually all aspects of sales and distribution management. The rollout is scheduled to be completed by October 2007.

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