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James Helwig chooses IntelliRoute Deluxe

Rand McNally's Transportation Data Management subsidiary has licensed its IntelliRoute Deluxe software to James Helwig & Son Inc, a Rockwell TX-based refrigerated carrier, as part of a software platform combination.

This combination merges IntelliRoute Deluxe; Integrated Decision Support Corp's Expert Fuel, a real-time fuel optimization program; and Innovative Computing Corp's Innovative Enterprise Software route dispatching software. Helwig & Son selected IntelliRoute Deluxe software as an upgrade to the Rand McNally MileMaker software package it uses in order to take advantage of IntelliRoute's Lowest-Cost Routing feature.

The combined system will enable Helwig & Son to capture order information from ICC's dispatch program, overlay IDSC's real-time fuel pricing information on where to buy the lowest-cost fuel on each dispatch, and then use IntelliRoute Deluxe to calculate the lowest cost routes. IntelliRoute's optimized route is then delivered wirelessly to Helwig & Son drivers in-cab.

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