Johanna expands CHEP to its yogurt line

Johanna Foods is transporting its line of yogurt products on pallets from CHEP, an equipment pooling firm, effective immediately. The company's La Yogurt and Sabor Latino yogurt lines are being shipped on CHEP pallets to supermarkets, warehouse club stores, convenience stores, wholesalers, dairy distributors, and independent grocery store organizations across the nation. Johanna Foods, which also manufactures products for retailers and brands, has been using CHEP pallets for its beverage business since 2005.

Johanna's decision to use CHEP pallets for the shipment of yogurt was made after validation of the pooling system at CHEP's Innovation Center in Orlando FL. The success of this testing led to the decision to ship all Johanna Foods' product lines on CHEP pallets.

Johanna Foods used the CHEP Innovation Center to confirm the productivity improvements and the customer service enhancement it experienced with beverages and is now expecting to see with yogurt

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