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Johnson POWERplatform cuts DSD time

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies has developed a new, fast drop floor platform delivery system that holds up to 3,000 pounds of refrigerated product to speed multi-stop direct store delivery (DSD) of refrigerated product.

The drop floor POWERplatform system, which is an integral part of the refrigerated truck floor, can quickly lower both driver and product to street level for fast DSD delivery. Time savings for a typical multi-stop delivery route is estimated to be more than one hour a day. As an example, the platform for a typical dairy route can hold up to 66 milk cases.

POWERplatform measures 42" × 59½" and has a 3,000-lb lift capacity. A side gate delivery option is available with a 1,500-lb lift capacity. The custom-built heavy-duty hydraulic pistons have a 100,000-cycle life before rebuild. Brush seals are installed around the drop floor POWERplatform exterior to ensure a virtually airtight seal and thermal efficiency in the refrigerated body. Platform operation is easy with an in-body handheld remote or outside toggle switch. An audible alarm and a pressure-sensitive safety switch around the platform perimeter ensure safety.

Johnson refrigerated truck bodies that include the drop floor POWERplatform system will have a tight seal that will permit rapid temperature recovery after each delivery stop.

The drop floor POWERplatform system can be installed on Johnson's 16- to 26-ft premier refrigerated truck bodies that are used for multi-stop DSD delivery of dairy, meat, keg beer, poultry, vending products, and packaged ice.
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