Journal of Business Logistics published

The Council of Logistics Management has published the second issue (Volume 23, Number 2) of the 2002 Journal of Business Logistics. This issue contains these articles:

  • Logistics Strategy — Revisited, by Michael A McGinnis of Pennsylvania State University, and Jonathan W Kohn of Shippensburg University.

  • Customer-Based Measures of Inventory Availability, by Walter Zinn of Ohio State University, John T Mentzer of the University of Tennessee, and Keely L Croxton of Ohio State University.

  • Measuring and Managing the Learning Requirements of Route Reoptimization on Delivery Vehicle Drivers, by Michael A Haughton of Wilfrid Laurier University.

  • Information Support for Alliances: Performance Implications, by Judith M Whipple of Michigan State University, Robert Frankel of East Carolina University, and Patricia J Daugherty of the University of Oklahoma.

  • A Summary and Analysis of Multi-Item Scales Used in Logistics Research, by Scott B Keller of Michigan State University, Katrina Savitskie of the University of Memphis, Theodore P Stank and Daniel F Lynch both of Michigan State University, and Alexander E Ellinger of the University of Alabama.

The Journal of Business Logistics is published twice a year, and annual subscriptions are available to nonmembers for $75 per year for two issues. A $5-per-book shipping and handling fee is charged for United States orders; non-US orders must include $15 per book for shipping and handling. All orders must be prepaid. To subscribe, access; phone 630-574-0985; or contact CLM, Publications Department, 2805 Butterfield Rd, Suite 200, Oak Brook IL 60523-1170.

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