K-Box keeps its cool cost-effectively

The Container K-Box from Kodiak Technologies has a proprietary Thermal Control System and superior insulation that maintain a specified temperature for up to five days, regardless of ambient conditions.

All of the container's cargo area is available for use since the patented thermal management system is housed in the lid of the container. K-Box will generally hold two to three times more payload than a foam-insulated container with the same external cubic dimensions. It requires no power to operate and does not need thermal mass to be added.

A built-in data logging capability, the Data Acquisition and Recording System (DARS), acquires both internal and external temperature data from on-board sensors. Data then is recorded into memory. At the end of a shipment, the recipient can determine from a display externally mounted on the container if an out-of-spec condition occurred during shipment without ever having to open the container. Recorded data also can be downloaded onto a PC or laptop computer and is confidentially provided on Kodiak's web site along with shipment tracking details.

K-Box's footprint can accommodate a 40" × 48" pallet. This stackable, reusable container has lids securely fastened to it with cam latches equipped with locks or tamper-evident seals. DARS senses lid openings, so time and duration of an unauthorized lid opening can be determined easily.

The container is warranted to withstand a minimum of 100 round trips and has been tested to withstand impacts from daily transit.

For more information, phone 361-592-3615, access www.kodiaktech.com, or contact Kodiak, 1050 N Post Oak Rd, Houston TX 77055-7233.

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