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Kemlite becomes Crane Composites Inc

As of Jan 1, 2006, the company name of Kemlite Co Inc, a Crane Co unit, has changed to Crane Composites Inc. Kemlite, in operation since 1954, manufactures fiberglass-reinforced plastic panels. Operation under the Crane Composites name will better reflect a broader commitment to reinforced composites, not just FRP products.

Crane Composites will pursue several growth initiatives, including production of a line of thermoplastic products under the Zenicon brand name, an expanded presence in the decorative panel market, global expansion, and a continued emphasis on extending existing product lines.

The company will produce Kemlite Thermoset FRP products and Zenicon Thermocomposites. In addition, Kemlite, Filon, Sequentia, Lasco, and Lampro products will continue to be promoted within the Kemlite thermoset product line. A new visual identity will be incorporated throughout the company and in promotional materials.

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