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Kenworth ranks high in three customer satisfaction categories

Kenworth ranks highest in customer satisfaction for three segments: over-the-road, pick-up and delivery, and dealer service, while Volvo improved to rank highest for the vocational segment, according to the J D Power and Associates 2005 Heavy-Duty Truck Customer Satisfaction Study.

Now in its 10th year, the study includes responses from 2,429 primary maintainers of two-year-old Class 8 heavy-duty trucks. The study focuses on smaller fleets and owner/operators with an average fleet size of 53 trucks at a single location. The study also measures satisfaction with services received from an authorized truck dealer's service department.

Customer satisfaction for the three product segments is measured by six factors: quality, exterior, engine, ride/handling/braking, transmission, and interior. In the over-the-road segment, satisfaction with the vehicle's sleeper is also measured.

Overall customer satisfaction with heavy-duty trucks has declined from 2004, with lower scores for the six factors that drive satisfaction, particularly with quality and engine. Owners report considerably more problems with their trucks than in 2004, averaging nearly twice as many days of downtime. Owner satisfaction with fuel economy also fell versus 2004, with the average reported fuel economy dropping below six miles per gallon for the first time in the study's history.

Kenworth ranks highest in the over-the-road segment, with high satisfaction scores in the quality, engine, and sleeper factors. It also ranks highest in the pick-up and delivery segment, receiving the top scores for all six satisfaction factors.

Volvo Trucks of North America ranks highest in customer satisfaction in the vocational segment. It leads the vocational segment in the factors for quality, ride/handling/braking, and interior.

Kenworth ranks highest in dealer service, receiving high ratings in dealer attitude, dealer facility, service delivery, service initiation, service advisor, and price. Peterbilt, which closely follows Kenworth in the service ranking, received strong scores for service quality and service advisor.

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