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Keytroller provides safe control of equipment

Keytroller Inc has released its new forklift and equipment safety device; the Keytroller LCD (liquid crystal display) keyless ignition Model 501 blue-backlit LCD screen.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations require checklists be completed at the start of every shift. This checklist can be automated with the Keytroller LCD. The LCD screen shows an operator programmable items (daily, weekly, and monthly) that he must check “pass” or “fail.” “Fail” means the vehicle must be now started and cleared by a supervisor or mechanic.

The LCD screen also allows an operator to view all settings and give a supervisor immediate access to recent events like shock/abuse, speeding, overtemperature, oil pressure, sleeper, maintenance due, hour meter, speed percent limit, percent of memory used, and operator name.

Keytroller LCD comes standard with RFID tag capabilities. This gives three levels of security that are selectable: RFID enabling, key code enabling, or both to start the vehicle.

Model 501 prevents untrained operators from starting a vehicle, makes abusive operators accountable for speeding and damage, monitors engine conditions, and shuts down an engine as programmed.

Event downloading with filtering and graphing is achieved through a infrared data port or by direct connection to RS232 serial port. The new Windows-based Pocket PC can download multiple vehicles and view events. More than 8,000 events can be stored between downloadings.

For more information, contact Keytroller, 4306 Osborne Ave, Tampa FL 33614.

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