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Kit links vehicle, PC to perform diagnostics

Noregon Systems has introduced the new Noregon Data Link Adapter (DLA) kit for heavy-duty truck service applications. By providing a simple link between vehicle components and Windows-based PCs, the DLA lets truck technicians perform extensive vehicle analysis and diagnostics. Noregon will be selling the DLA directly to the Freightliner, Sterling, and Western Star dealer networks. Contents of the DLA kit include:

  • Data link adapter
  • Standard IEEE 1284 interface cable
  • Installation guide
  • RP-1210A API single-use license
  • Six- and nine-pin Deutsch Y-adapter

The DLA is fully supported by Noregon and comes with a one-year standard warranty. For full details, contact Noregon, 500 Shepherd St, Suite 300, Winston-Salem NC 27103.

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