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KrankingKART jump-starts with super power

KBi/Kold-Ban International Ltd's KrankingKART uses space-age technology adapted to meet the cranking needs of accessory-laden engines. KBi's super-capacitor, the KAPower, is incorporated into the portable KrankingKART, which has more power to crank a vehicle than four fully charged group 31 batteries. KrankingKARTcan repeatedly crank an engine to higher rpm and does so quicker than batteries.

Fleets can use this technology to provide mobile jump starting to a lot of dead vehicles within a short time. Other advantages of this system include:

  • No maintenance
  • Never has to be plugged in
  • Stores cranking voltage until you need it
  • Provides more than 100,000 cycles
  • Not affected by high or low temperatures
  • No hazardous materials

For complete information, contact KBi/Kold-Ban, 8390 Pingree Rd, Lake in the Hills IL 60156-9637.

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