Landa Unveils Model CL-304

Landa Water Cleaning Systems has introduced the Model CL-304, a new aboveground, self-contained, washwater recycling system. The CL-304 handles wastewater flows of one to five gallons per minute and offers:

* A raised, solids-separation tank for aboveground handling of medium- to light dirt loads in a wash operation.

* A system that is self-contained on a painted steel platform.

* Aboveground, steep-pitch sludge disposal.

* Filters that are easily backwashed or cleaned.

* Inline chlorinator for constant injection of chlorine.

* A steep-pitched, cone-shape coalescing pack in the clarifier tank.

* An optional chemical monitoring and injection system for introducing flocculates and other chemicals.

The CL-304 comes in three electrical configurations: 230-volt single-phase, 230-volt three-phase, and 460-volt three-phase.

For full details, contact Landa, 4275 NW Pacific Rim Blvd, Camas WA 98607.

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