Leveraging ‘Big Data’ to Maximize Fuel Economy

Dealing with the high cost of fuel is the most critical cost factor facing truck fleets today.

For an over-the-road tractor operating 100,000 miles per year, fuel is approximately 70% of the vehicle’s operating cost when considering depreciation, interest, and maintenance and repair. Most industry sources that discuss ways to improve fuel economy invariably address “low hanging fruit” — tire inflation, idle reduction, aerodynamic drag and other incidental factors.

While all these fuel economy considerations are important, intelligent collection and analysis of “big data” is our greatest asset in the quest to reduce fuel expenses and will enable companies to exploit opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. Getting the most out of big data requires skill, experience and real-time, high-performance analytics. Accurate data, analyzed correctly, and leveraged with clean diesel technology, will create a significant cost savings for fleet operations and will provide the added benefit of lowering its carbon footprint.

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