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Leyman makes its side liftgate even better

Leyman Lift Gates' new TLS 3500 side liftgate is an upgraded version of its TLS 3000, with enhanced features for better functionality and application.

The TLS 3500 features the new MaintenanceMinder2 power unit, which controls and records all liftgate functions. This power unit incorporates “smart” technology, brings advanced functions, and will help fleets measure and record liftgate performance and operating data while protecting the gate from damage. MaintenanceMinder2 includes a backlit LCD display that indicates key data during operation, eliminating the need for a separate hand-held reader.

This liftgate uses greaseless bushings at all pivot points and slide pads instead of greased rollers for the side liftgate's in-and-out motion. Not only is the TLS 3500 greaseless, but now the power unit box is also more accessible. The door has been moved to the rear portion of the gate so that the power unit can be easily reached.

Automatic over-the-road locks are now standard on all TLS 3500 lift gates. This safety feature has eliminated the use of chain locking mechanisms on the TLS gate. The auto locks are also mounted higher than on the previous model, and no longer use greased pivot points.

The TLS 3500 comes with adjustable tension arms for leveling the platform. Adjustable up stops and in/out stops are also provided. Other standard features include: marine toggle switch operation, power in and out, and lifting arms mounted near the center of the platform for a more stable, level ride.

Optional features such as a hand pump kit, collapsible hand rails, and cart stops are available. For additional information, contact Leyman, 10900 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati OH 45242.

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