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Liftgate engineered to carry more cargo

Waltco Truck Equipment Co has increased the lifting capacities of its WDL-RM Series rail-type liftgate, with capacities of 3,500, 4,500, 5,500, or 6,600 pounds now offered.

The WDL-RM liftgate platform lowers to below bed height. Features include:

  • Self-lubricating, fiberglass-reinforced Teflon bearings in place of grease zerks.

  • Closed-loop hydraulic system includes cylinders manufactured and tested by Waltco.

  • Hydraulically powered open/close feature.

  • Waltco's Thermalpak with Voltage Guard, which has:

    • LED warning lights and an audible alarm to alert the operator to low-voltage or thermal shutdown situation.

    • Automatic thermal shutdown.

    • A manual motor reset that lets the operator restart the motor after it cools down.

    • A weather-resistant enclosure.

  • SuperSwitch control with magnetic activation, plastic construction, and a recessed lever to prevent accidental activation.

  • Wider threshold clearance between uprights.

  • Greater ground clearance.

  • 15" fixed ramp is standard on most two-piece platforms (not available on 86" platforms).

For more details, contact Waltco, 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge OH 44278.

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