Liftgates, swing doors now more compatible

Waltco Truck Equipment Co introduces the optional Swing Door Compatible Bed Extension (patent-pending) to make liftgates and swing doors more compatible and efficient.

Fleet owners and operators typically face a dilemma when specifying a truck body. Selecting swing doors and adding a liftgate will be complicated because the hardware required to secure swing doors interferes with mounting and operation of a liftgate. Select a liftgate, and cargo loading and carrying space is lost. This is because roll-up doors create a smaller opening to the vehicle bed and require overhead clearance that cuts into cubic load capacity.

The Swing Door Compatible Bed Extension is a 1/4-inch diamondplate steel platform that extends the bed of the truck by 10 inches. A hinged, flip-away center panel creates a smooth transition from liftgate to truck floor, then flips away to access door-securing hardware.

When operating the liftgate, the panel is flipped up to create the smooth surface necessary for cargo transport. When the liftgate is down and it's time to close the doors, the panel flips down out of the way, to expose the hardware required to close and secure the door.
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