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Line of Brooks padlocks indicates tampering

E J Brooks & Co has developed a line of tamper-indicative brass padlocks. As part of a security tracking system, the Brooks Indicative Padlock will promptly reveal that it has been unlocked, helping isolate the time and place of its opening.

Brooks Indicative Padlocks feature a hole that passes through the locking body and shackle when the padlock is engaged. Threading a Brooks plastic or wire seal through the hole prevents the lock from being opened without having to first remove the seal. Thus, if the seal is missing, it is evident that an attempt to open the lock had occurred.

Using these padlocks within a security tracking system will further indicate when a padlock has been opened. A security tracking system calls for a uniquely numbered seal to be visually inspected and verified at regular intervals, as well as at each point when custody changes. Should the disposable, indicative seal be missing, this suggests the padlock might have been opened since its last verification. Therefore, it will help identify the timeframe and place that it had most likely been removed.

Brooks Indicative Padlocks come in a choice of corrosion-resistant body sizes, shackle materials, shackle lengths, and diameters. These padlocks can be keyed alike or differently, master-keyed, or grand master-keyed; they also can be keyed to keyway brands such as Master, Corbin, Yale, and Best.
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