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Lite-Check Provides Tester, Power Supply

Lite-Check offers the Model 910B brake and light tester with antilock braking systems (ABS) testing. The 910B performs a four-minute test of trailer air brakes, lighting system, Meritor WABCO ABS, seven-watt cable, and tractor electrical output. This tester shows electrical conditions and ABS fault descriptions on digital display. With the remote, brake operation can be observed from behind the wheel. The 910B supplies one-person operation for shop or service trucks.

The Model 311R 12-volt DC/110-volt AC power supply protects a trailer's 12-volt lighting system and ABS. It delivers a filtered, regulated 20 amps and has solid-state control. For more details, contact Lite-Check, 3102 E Trent Ave, Spokane WA 99202.

Circle #113 on Reader Service Card

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