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LMS Hubs Can Prevent Improper Installation

Gunite Corp has introduced LMS hubs that incorporate a structural design and advanced metallurgy to provide advantages of Gunite's standard ductile hubs with the added benefits of a unitized design. LMS hubs eliminate problems associated with improper field installation of bearings.

These hubs also eliminate premature seal failures. Because LMS hubs are assembled in a controlled factory environment, seals are protected from damage caused by over- or undertorquing of the assembly. This reduces potential for problems caused by leaking wheel seals.

LMS drive hubs are available with a drive flange oil fill design, which allows use of lubricants compatible with popular differential lubricants. Because LMS hubs are cast of ductile iron, they are less likely to be damaged by mispiloting during drum installation, and less susceptible to problems caused by corrosion on the mounting surface. For full information, contact Gunite, 302 Peoples Ave, Rockford IL 61104-7092.

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