Low-voltage disconnect systems upgraded

Intra Technologies has upgraded its existing low-voltage disconnect systems to make it easier for drivers to manage battery power consumption while a truck is parked.

The new LVD has a timing feature that warns the driver with a series of audible alarms before electrical power is shut off.

Like the standard LVD, the new version is designed to preserve battery power required to start the engine. Using patented Intra technology, the LVD monitors battery levels during key-off periods and automatically disconnects non-critical power loads when battery voltage reaches critical levels.

Before the power has drained to critical levels, the system begins a series of warnings. The driver will hear a brief tone, then nothing for a minute. This will continue several times before the LVD automatically disconnects power to the non-critical loads.

During this period of audible alarms, drivers have the choice of switching off electrical loads. As soon as they do, the system automatically resets itself and the tones go away.

This LVD can be ordered as an option on most new truck brands. It can be installed in any truck by a qualified technician in less than an hour. It will soon be available as an option on most new truck brands.

Contact Intra Technologies, 725 Industry Dr, Tukwila WA 98188 for more information.

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