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Mack to continue backing Share the Road

Mack Trucks Inc has agreed to continue sponsoring the Share the Road program. This year marks Mack's third consecutive year as sponsor of this American Trucking Associations (ATA) program, designed to enhance the safety of America's roadways by teaching car drivers how to share the road safely with tractor-trailers.

According to a joint Department of Transportation and American Automobile Association (AAA) Foundation for Traffic Safety study, about 75% of truck-related auto fatalities are caused by the car driver — and 35% of such accidents occur in a truck's blind spots. By educating people about blind spots, safe merging, and stopping distances, ATA and Mack hope to lower the number of accidents and save lives.

The Share the Road program uses as spokespeople members of ATA's America's Road Team, a group of professional truck drivers with exemplary safety records. The drivers travel to cities throughout the nation and conduct safety demonstrations for the media in an effort to reach the driving public.

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