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Maersk Lines deploys advanced GPS

In April 2007, Maersk Line's new advanced refrigerated container Global Positioning System (GPS) led to the recovery of several hundred thousand dollars of stolen crab meat in Baltimore MD. In a previous incident, a frozen load of pork was recovered by police in northern Maryland after being hijacked from a Virginia trucker.

Maersk Line has deployed this advanced GPS on more than 5,000 container gensets in its fleet. The project, more than three years in the making, was launched full scale in 2006. The system offers Maersk customers enhanced refrigerated transportation security and reliability for time-sensitive, high-value refrigerated shipments.

The new system provides real-time visibility into the location and temperature settings of temperature-controlled containers in North America by using StarTrak Systems' GenTrak genset-based monitoring devices. The equipment monitoring and proactive recovery, coupled with Maersk Line's refrigerated equipment, assures shippers of visibility and shipment reliability. The tracking device enables Maersk Lines to immediately identify situations such as equipment malfunctions or transport delays.

Most of the Maersk Line North American genset fleet will be fitted with this new technology by the end of July.

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