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Matson to Purchase $7.1 Million in Equipment

Matson Navigation Co plans to add $7.1 million in new 45-foot equipment to its container equipment fleet. This purchase will include 500 new chassis and 500 new high-cube dry containers. The new equipment will be introduced to Matson's equipment fleet in spring 2001.

The company invested $22 million in new container equipment in 2000, including 45-ft dry containers and 24-ft and 40-ft high-cube refrigerated containers. All of the new reefers are equipped with Carrier Corp refrigeration units, which use the "ozone friendly" refrigerant R-134a and feature remote monitoring capabilities. One hundred of the 40-foot high-cube refrigerated units also are equipped with a controlled-atmosphere device to help maintain freshness on long voyages.

Other container handling equipment purchased by Matson recently will be used at the company's Sand Island facility and is part of a $31.5 million conversion to a partial-wheeled operation. The project, scheduled for completion in late 2001, will increase the terminal's capacity by 30%.

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