Matson raising its fuel surcharge in 2006

Matson Navigation Co Inc plans to raise its fuel surcharge in its Hawaii and Guam/Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) services from 13% to 15%, effective Jan 1, 2006.

As announced in March, Matson has implemented a program in which fuel costs are evaluated quarterly, with the fuel surcharge adjusted accordingly, up or down. The quarterly review process is designed to allow customers to plan their shipping costs better and anticipate any adjustments on a regular, predictable schedule. Adjustments are announced 21 days in advance of implementation, with the effective date being the first Sunday of the respective month.

Similarly, the Transpacific Stabilization Agreement, a discussion group of 12 shipping lines in the eastbound Pacific trade, announced December 1 a fuel surcharge increase of $135 per container, also effective January 1. This will bring the total fuel surcharge to $590 per container, a record high for the transpacific trade.

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