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Matson raising rates for Hawaii service

Matson Navigation Co Inc raised its rates for the company's Hawaii service by an average of 3.5% effective Jan 3, 2005. Rates will increase by $100 per container and $25 per vehicle. The increase will be filed with the Surface Transportation Board. In addition, the company boosted its terminal handling charge by $40 per westbound container and $20 per eastbound container, also effective Jan 3, 2005.

The flat fee per container rate increase, which Matson implemented in 2003, recognizes that increases in costs and investments tend to be on a per container basis regardless of the commodity that is in a container. Percent increases result in customers shipping higher rated commodities to bear the greatest cost burdens.

In 2004, Matson raised its rates by $125 per westbound container or about 4.4%. There was no general rate increase in 2003.

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