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Matson revises Hawaii Service schedule

Matson Navigation Co Inc has reduced its Hawaii Service fleet from eight to seven ships beginning in December 2001. The revised fleet schedule will better match capacity with current freight demands and allow the company to operate its ocean transportation services more cost-effectively. With the new schedule, Matson will offer seven arrivals from the United States mainland every 14 days, providing the state with 182 round-trip voyages annually.

From Southern California, Matson will offer twice-weekly service, with direct sailings from Los Angeles to Honolulu every Saturday and Wednesday. From Northern California, the schedule provides twice-weekly service, with direct sailings every Tuesday and every other Friday from Oakland to Honolulu. The alternate-Friday sailings will include a Los Angeles call before Honolulu. The Pacific Northwest service will continue to offer a weekly Sunday departure.

The seven-ship fleet schedule will have no impact on the company's Neighbor Island service to and from the US mainland. All three of the company's Neighbor Island barges will remain in service.

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