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McLeod upgrades LoadMaster, PowerBroker

McLeod Software has unveiled Version 8 (v8) of its LoadMaster and PowerBroker enterprise software products.

LoadMaster is McLeod's flagship management system for private and for-hire fleets, while PowerBroker is the company's software system for non-asset-based brokerage and logistics providers.

The upgraded versions share many enhanced features to help carriers reduce administration time, increase productivity, and provide greater levels of customer service. Several of these features were developed to address challenges in the refrigerated carrier segment.

New capabilities include a feature that expands the visibility of order billing and payment detail; new screens that enhance the tracking of over, short, and damaged (OS&D) reports and appointment confirmations; expedient automation of garnishment and claims processing, as well as the ability to automate a wider variety of fuel surcharge scenarios.

LoadMaster v8 offers a new temperature warning system, while PowerBroker v8 now interfaces with Transcore's Carrierwatch to validate carriers.

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