Mexican ban on US beef is partially lifted

Mexico's ban on beef imports from the United States has been partially lifted. Boneless cuts from cattle less than 30 months old and veal from animals less than 9 months old can now be imported in to Mexico, that nation's government said.

Historically the second-largest foreign market for US beef, Mexico had imposed a ban Dec 24, 2003, a day after a single case of mad cow disease was detected in Washington state.

A total of 346,520 tons of beef were exported from the United States to Mexico from January-November 2003, worth $818 million, according to information compiled by the US Meat Export Federation.

The ban continues to apply to live animals, Mexico's agriculture department said.

Ann Veneman, US Secretary of Agriculture, welcomed the news. Her department provided Mexican officials with thorough information at their request and “hosted their technical teams to illustrate that our beef is indeed safe,” she said.

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