Mexican President Talks at Frozen Food Fiesta

Mexican President Vicente Fox delivered the keynote address at the 16th annual Frozen Food Fiesta in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and presided over by Norman Jensen, president of the Texas Mexico Frozen Food Council. Fox shared comments about when he was on the board of directors, and his appearance a few years ago at the annual convention while governor of the State of Guanajuato. He reiterated his desire to adhere to his campaign promises and restated his pledge to be “president of all the people of Mexico.”

At the meeting, a panel of transportation experts discussed the status of trucking deregulation in accordance with provisions of NAFTA. They addressed several issues and opportunities that might arise once deregulation is implemented in 2001. Bob Ahl of Inn Foods and Michelle Crawford of US Foodservice-corporate quality assurance outlined the latest developments in product recall, traceability, and other matters.

New officers elected to serve for 2001/2002 were: Norman Jensen, president; Lily Noon, vice-president; and Gordon Regate, secretary. The next Fiesta will be held in Puerto Vallarta in late April 2002.

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