Midwest Dairy Consortium is established

Ten Midwestern universities have formed a research and education program for the Midwest dairy industry.

Based at the University of Illinois Department of Animal Sciences, the Midwest Dairy Consortium is supported by agricultural colleges at the University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin, Purdue University, Iowa State University, Michigan State University, the University of Nebraska, the University of Minnesota, North Dakota State University, The Ohio State University, and South Dakota State University.

James Drackley, director of the MDC and a University of Illinois professor of animal sciences, said, “The mission of the MDC is to maximize use of scarce financial resources and create new support mechanisms to enhance student education and training, promote research directly relevant to the Midwest dairy industry, and deliver information to end-users more effectively.”

The MDC gives dairy support industries, dairy groups, and producers the opportunity to take a proactive role in ensuring future employees and a robust Midwest dairy industry.

Phone 217-244-5540 for more details.

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