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Mineta calls loading delays 'unacceptable'

Delays that truck drivers face in getting trucks loaded, and problems the delays cause as a result of the new hours-of-service rules, have prompted concerns from United States Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta.

"In today's competitive market, such delays are unacceptable," Mineta said at a National Industrial Transportation League meeting March 22. "Successful businesses depend on their (drivers’) ability to distribute products into domestic and international markets rapidly and efficiently. So I am calling on you for help. We need each of you to commit to doing your part to improve freight efficiency, mobility, and productivity nationwide.”.

Better ways can be found to coordinate connections between shippers and carriers, he told the meeting. "We are looking to you to make sure that goods are ready for shipping from the outset. In some cases, this may mean changes in the way you do business. So I am urging you to work with the carriers to identify the bottlenecks that cause needless delays, and to develop guidelines that will add efficiency, get goods to market even faster, and help all of us move the American economy forward.”.."

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