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Mini-Marker LED: small size, big benefits

The LED Mini-Marker Light from Truck-Lite Co Inc measures less than 3/4" in diameter and depth. Two mount designs are available: a grommet mount and a more permanent, theft-resistant flange mount. Unlike earlier LED clearance/marker lamps that were direct substitutes for incandescent lamps, the new Mini-Marker LEDs have no equivalent, thus reducing motivation for theft.

In 2003, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ruled that regardless of door sill dimensions, rear identification lamps on new trailers must be mounted near the extreme top of a vehicle. Mini-Marker allows trailer manufacturers to meet this requirement, even with the narrowest of top door frames.

This SingLEDiode lamp exceeds all photometric requirements for rear clearance/marker lamps in FMVSS 108, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard governing safety lighting. Three Mini-Markers are hard-wired to a harness specifically for use as a marker/identification lamp assembly. The sealed harness has welded wiring where the three leads are joined, leading to a sealed two-pin connector. Individual Mini-Marker LEDs are available hard-wired with a sealed two-pin connector for use as clearance, side marker, or identification lamps. Internal lamp components are sealed in epoxy and are backed by Truck-Lite's limited lifetime warranty.

No special tooling is required, and Mini-Marker LED lamps require less assembly time. The lamps are so small that they can be carried into protective extrusions or mounted below mechanical features. For full details, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

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