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Minimize empty miles, maximize savings

Greatwide Logistics Services has introduced Greatwide Distribution Optimization Center (G-DOC), a routing system that will enhance the way products are moved from distribution centers to retail stores, while reducing costs on inbound vendor shipments to distribution centers. Greatwide filed for a patent on G-DOC April 1, 2006.

This technology-enabled, proprietary operating process centrally dispatches drivers and creates the most efficient routing of trucks among multiple distribution centers, customer deliveries, and vendor pick-ups. The system directs empty inbound trucks toward logical stops to maximize backhaul opportunities.

G-DOC optimizes efficiency and service to stores while minimizing empty miles. This new service balances outbound retail service, vendor deliveries, and cost among distribution centers within a given geographic area. Initial roll-out with a major retailer resulted in double-digit cost savings.

Greatwide’s Dedicated Transport business unit operates G-DOC as a service to its clients at no additional cost.

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