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Minimizer takes a beating, still looks good

The Minimizer M2401 plastic fender from Spray Control Systems Inc (SCSI) is made of high-density polyethylene material that resists chemicals, temperature extremes, bumps, and dings.

These plastic fenders have three advantages over traditional steel and fiberglass fenders:

  • Made of molded plastic, the Minimizer won't dent. The “forever” shape allows the dented fender to pop back to its original form.

  • With a total weight of 20 pounds per axle, it saves weight per truck and trailer over steel, stainless, fiberglass, or aluminum fenders.

  • The Minimizer keeps rocks and water spray off loads and the back of truck cabs, eliminating the breaking of rear day cab windows and side mirrors. The fender keeps tie-down straps and bottoms of truck bodies free of slush and mud.

Fenders come in four standard colors: black, white, silver-gray, and red; custom colors are available on fleet orders. The Minimizer line also has a range of mounting options from stainless steel to composite plastic fenders. Most styles can be installed in a few hours.

For more information, contact SCSI, Route 3, Box 247C, Blooming Prairie MN 55917.

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