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Modules monitor fuel use, fleet activity

Maptuit Corp's new FleetNav Suite has added two modules to Maptuit's driver navigation tool: FleetNav Fuel and FleetNav Alert, creating a fuel optimization and fleet monitoring system.

FleetNav Fuel provides drivers and fleet managers with real-time fuel price information. When a driver requests directions to his next stop, these are created using the best fuel prices within a fleet's fueling network. By calculating vehicle location, fuel level, vehicle fuel consumption, prices within a fleet's fuel network, and location of final destination, FleetNav Fuel determines a fuel plan and incorporates this into directions to the next stop.

FleetNav Alert provides a real-time view of fleet activities as well as reporting capabilities to determine fleet performance. With FleetNav Alert, managers can see the location of a vehicle, establish if the driver is on the lowest-cost route, and tell if the load will arrive on time. Using pre-defined parameters, FleetNav Alert issues real-time alerts when trucks leave their assigned routes, letting fleets control delivery performance and costs.

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