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Monroe shocks smooth out any application

Monroe Commercial Vehicle replacement shock absorbers now include application-engineered internal valving to deliver OEM-specified ride and handling to any medium- or heavy-duty vehicle. These new shocks include Monroe Gas-Magnum, Monro-Magnum, and Severe Service products.

Application-engineered for Class 3 to 6 vehicles, Gas-Magnum 60 shock absorbers are gas-charged for faster response and a stable, comfortable ride. Each Gas-Magnum 60 shock features a 1⅜-inch bore, 5/8-inch-diameter piston rod, hydraulic rebound lockout (where required), and Monroe's 10-stage full-displacement valving.

Gas-Magnum 65 shock absorbers, application-engineered for Class 6 to 8 vehicles, are designed for air spring and tapered-leaf suspensions. Each Gas-Magnum 65 is nitrogen gas-charged and includes a 1¾-inch piston bore.

For transit vehicles and Class 7 and 8 use, Monroe Monro-Magnum 70 shock absorbers feature a 1¾-inch piston bore, 7/8-inch-diameter piston rod, hydraulic rebound lockout (where required), and 10-stage full-displacement valving.

Severe Service shocks include 1⅜-inch or 1¾-inch bore, arc-welded mounts, and 10-stage full-displacement valving.

Gas-Magnum 60, 65, and cab shocks are covered by Tenneco's 90-day “Free Ride” trial offer as well as a two-year/200,000-mile warranty. Severe Service shock absorbers also are covered by Tenneco's Free Ride trial offer and a three-year/300,000-mile warranty.

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