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More ConocoPhillips oils meet Mack spec

ConocoPhillips Co has announced that additional heavy-duty engine oils from the Conoco, 76 Lubricants, and Phillips 66 brands have been enhanced to be compliant with the most recent Mack EO-N Premium Plus specification.

Conoco HD Fleet Supreme engine oil 15W40, 76 T5X HD motor oil 15W40, and Phillips Super HD II motor oil 15W40 have been reformulated for performance beyond the Mack EO-N Premium Plus 2003 specification standard.

The reformulated heavy-duty engine oils were designed to comply with the terms of Mack EO-N Premium Plus specifications, offering these improvements:

  • Enhanced soot dispersion capability and better viscosity control in highly soot-laden oil.

  • Improved fluidity and low-temperature pumpability of highly sooted oil.

  • Improved shear stability, wear control, and high temperature engine protection.

  • Heightened performance in pre-2003 non-EGR engines.

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