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More pork means more work opportunities

John Morrell & Co announced a $100 million construction project at the company's Sioux Falls SD pork processing facility. The expansion is expected to add 200 new jobs when the processed foods facility is completed in autumn 2007.

The Sioux Falls plant currently employs 3,200 workers producing fresh pork, ham, bacon, and sausage products.

With a 232,000-square-foot capacity, the building will complement John Morrell's existing Sioux Falls facility and expand processing capacity for ham, bacon, and sausage products.

Joe Sebring, president of John Morrell, said, “From a local economic development standpoint, this project will bring 200 additional jobs to Sioux Falls and add millions of dollars to our regional economy.”

The new Sioux Falls plant will include a deli-ham manufacturing system, two pre-cooked bacon lines, one pre-cooked toppings line, and a replacement sausage production facility.

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