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More truck emission testing to be required

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is establishing a manufacturer-run, in-use emissions testing program for 2007 and later model year heavy-duty diesel vehicles, according to a final rule published June 14 in the Federal Register.

This program will require engine manufacturers to measure exhaust emissions from their diesel engines using portable emissions measurement systems.

For the first time, all manufacturers also will regularly provide EPA with a significant quantity of emissions data generated from engines used in regular service. EPA will evaluate the data to ensure the engines comply with specified emissions requirements.

According to EPA, the rule is a result of an agreement between that agency and the Engine Manufacturers Association. The final rule (40 CFR Parts 9 and 86) takes effect Aug 15, 2005.

The EPA action affects those companies that produce or import new heavy-duty diesel engines intended for use in highway vehicles such as trucks and buses, or produce or import such highway vehicles, or convert heavy-duty vehicles or heavy-duty engines used in highway vehicles to use alternative fuels.

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