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Morgan Improves Refrigerated Van Body Design

Morgan Corp has upgraded its refrigerated van bodies through redesign and optional modifications. Reefers have been redesigned to prevent damage to side door jamb angles during loading and unloading of pallets. This has been achieved by improving the interface between the scuff and E-track at the side door trim angle. The redesign uses two new aluminum trim angle extensions that are specific to 3" and 4" wall thickness rather than a "one size fits both" application.

Wiring on Morgan refrigerated van bodies also has been upgraded. Exterior lights now have a plugged-together sealed harness. Another new feature is a conduit system that allows lights and harness pieces to be repaired or replaced easily.

Two options are now available: new recessed E-tracks that do not require cutting through the liner, and rear mount evaporators with improved hose troughs, evaporator supports, and condensation drains. For full details, contact Morgan, PO Box 588, One Morgan Way, Morgantown PA 19543.

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Aeroquip Offers E-Z Clip A/C Fitting System

Aeroquip Corp's new E-Z Clip System consists of three key components:

* GH134 multirefrigerant veneer hose.

* Patent-pending E-Z clip nipple, featuring HNBR O-rings on the outer diameter of the nipple.

* E-Z clip fitting retention system, using a clip-and-cage combination to simulate the crimping of a traditional hose socket.

Highlights of the GH134 hose include:

* Bend radius of 4.0" for a -12 hose size.

* Effusion rating of .5 lb/sq ft/year for R134a, less than the 2.1 lb/sq ft/year required by SAE J2064.

* Tests done with R134a, R12, R22, and R404A (other refrigerant testing available upon request).

For more information, contact Aeroquip Woodlands Office, PO Box 700, 1695 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee OH 43537.

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Parker Expands Prestomatic Fittings Line The Brass Products Division of Parker Hannifin Corp has expanded its line of Prestomatic push-in air brake fittings to include both brass and composite shapes. The fittings, made for truck and trailer applications, use a stainless steel tube support for maximum flow and are designed for use with Parker Parflex SAE J844 tubing.

These fittings are available with Dryseal pipe thread in various configurations, including straight, rigid elbow, and swivel elbows, which are designed for alignment only and must not be used in live swivel applications. No tools are needed to achieve a positive seal. Sizes 5/32" and and above meet DOT FMVSS 571.106 specifications. Brass-body 1/4" tube sizes and above meet SAE J1131 requirements. Prestomatic fittings have a working pressure range from 27" Hg vacuum to 250 psi at -40 degrees to +250 degrees F.

For complete details, contact Parker, Fluid Connectors Group, 17325 Euclid Ave, Cleveland OH 44112.

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