Motorola certifies CES Wireless products

Motorola now offers advanced fleet management systems for owners of Motorola CDM Series radios. After testing, Motorola has certified CES Wireless mobile and base station equipment and software as compatible with Motorola CDM750, CDM1250, CDM1550, and the CDM1550*LS mobile two-way radios that operate on any UHF conventional or LTR trunking system. CES Wireless products are available for fleet management and AVL (automatic vehicle location) and GPS (global positioning system) applications.

CES Wireless is a vertically integrated mobile data and information systems provider. The recent introduction of Quick-trak made the CES Wireless systems more affordable to small fleet operations and the new, Internet-based, Fleet-link system combined with a soon-to-be-released cargo tracking option will enable single-vehicle owner-operators to afford and access the CES Wireless systems.

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