Multi-Version Switch integrates with IES

ALK Technologies Inc has formed a partnership with Innovative Computing Corp (ICC), which has integrated ALK's Multi-Version Switch (MVS) into its Innovative Enterprise Software (IES) management system for fleets. The integrated MVS tool enables PC*MILER users to work with multiple PC*MILER versions on the same server.

Accessing the MVS tool via IES, Innovative customers can assign specific PC*MILER versions to individual shippers according to that shipper's contract. IES will then use the correct PC*MILER version to calculate that shipper's billing miles. Through this new MVS integration, Innovative's users can match PC*MILER versions to specific shippers requirements.

Before MVS, older versions had to run in separate computer environments, with separate maintenance costs and setup fees. MVS removes that complication and streamlines bidding and billing processes.

E-mail [email protected] for further information.

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