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MW turns its Bulldog into a Gladiator

MW Supply is upgrading the Bulldog walk ramp design to become a lighter foodservice grade walk ramp: the Bulldog II or the Gladiator.

The Gladiator walk ramp combines the strength of the Bulldog's side rail, its I-beam construction; with the true open grate traction of an extruded OSHA-approved walk surface. For fleets, this means:

  • 20% lighter (90 pounds compared with 114 for a 14' ramp).

  • True open grate, self-cleaning and serrated for better traction (per FHA).

  • Proven walk surface: 60 years, NASA, OSHA, ANSI.

  • Less deflection with heavy loads to minimize “spring.”

  • Higher side rail to avoid runoffs.

  • Rugged quality standards: ISO 9001:2000.

  • Less maintenance: No castings, no connectors — all extruded, all welded.

  • Cycle-tested with 500 pounds for 500,000 cycles.

  • Fits in all Bulldog, ROM, TODCO, and ITW carriers.

Although this upgrade effectively replaces the original Bulldog design, replacement parts for the Bulldog I are still available.
MW Supply | 800-562-3227

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