MxT designed to help any fleet get started

Maximum Torque Technology (MxT) heavy-duty starters have been introduced by Delco Remy.

Featuring an advanced gearing system engineered to deliver superior torque output and starting power, new MxT starters are provided for heavy- and medium-duty applications. MxT's design also transfers torque with reduced component mass, ensuring weight efficiency and accessibility.

The MxT product line comprises three new models for 12- or 24-volt systems — 29MT, for engines up to 8.0 liters; 38MT, for engines up to 12.0 liters; and 39MT, for applications up to 15.0 liters. Each model features the MxT gearing system, high-strength bearings and bushings, and a sealed, noseless configuration that eliminates debris accumulation and related wear.

Another feature of MxT starters is Electrical SoftStart technology — available on 38MT and 39MT models — that eliminates milled ring gears and pinions by guaranteeing proper engagement before cranking.

The new 38MT and 39MT starters also have Delco Remy's OE-approved heavy-duty Integral Magnetic Switch (IMS), which ensures a more reliable circuit for starting the motor. This IMS has been tested to 35 times normal gravitational pull, virtually eliminating closed magnetic switch circuits.

For more information, contact Delco Remy, 2902 Enterprise Dr, Anderson IN 46013.

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