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NASCAR Driver Promotes Goodyear Truck Tire

NASCAR driver Mark Martin, owner of Mark Martin's J-Mar Express, relies on Goodyear tires on the track, and also depends on Goodyear truck tires to transport his car between race venues. That is why Martin and his truck driver, Dennis Ritchie, are featured in an advertising campaign for the Goodyear G397 LHS steer tire.

The advertisement, designed by J Walter Thompson USA Inc, features Martin and Ritchie standing in front of Martin's race car and transport truck. The G397 LHS tire is highlighted in a box. The ad's theme is "How the stars get to the race."

Introduced in 1999, the G397 LHS has a casing that includes a reinforced belt package, fortified with supertensile steel and featuring a puncture- and moisture-resistant polyamide top belt.

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