New Bendix Technology Simplifies Rotor Changing

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems introduces new split rotor technology that allows an air disc brake rotor to be changed without removing the hub, wheel bearings, air disc brake caliper, and carrier from the wheel end.

With this technology, replacing the rotor requires these five steps:

* Replace friction pads with wedges.

* Actuate foot brake pedal to apply brake pressure to wheel ends to crack rotor into two pieces.

* Disconnect the two rotor pieces from the adapter or hub by removing interconnecting pieces.

* Install pre-cracked replacement rotor onto axle and bolt both pieces together with a conventional tool.

* Unwind actuation pistons, insert new friction pads, and adjust air disc brake for proper pad-to-rotor clearance.

Under thermal stress, a conventional rotor experiences distortion caused by heat sink from the friction surface into the neck part of the rotor; resulting in shorter rotor life, cracking, and premature wear. With the new split rotor, the friction surface is isolated from mating parts. This prevents heat in the friction surface area from flowing elsewhere.

For more information, contact Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, 901 Cleveland St, Elyria OH 44035.

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