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New Generation milk: Dairy Fresh pours it on

Canada-based Dairy Fresh Farms has developed a patented dairy process by combining skim milk with canola oil to produce a milk beverage that is nutritionally equivalent to 2% regular milk. The company announced the results of its 10-month test market launch in 205 Safeway Stores across western Canada.

Dairy Fresh Farms kicked off the test marketing Jan 15, 2005, to coincide with the introduction of two of its New Generation milks: Lactose Free (one-liter) and Omega-3 (two-liter). In-store demonstrations were conducted and educational materials were distributed. With more than 300,000 milk samples tasted, the conversion-to-purchase rate climbed from 17% in January 2005 to 47% in October 2005.

Due to this success and with the continued support of Safeway and Lucerne Dairy, Dairy Fresh Farms intends to introduce two more SKUs: Lactose Free (two-liter) and Omega-3 (one-liter).

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