New options for Business Class M2 V trucks

Freightliner Trucks announced a collection of new options for the Business Class M2 106V and 112V trucks. The Business Class M2 V products, introduced in 2004, are the newest additions to the Freightliner Trucks' Business Class M2 line.

For severe vocational applications, a one-piece, heavier-duty bumper is one of the new options for the Business Class M2 Vs. The bumper is 1/4-inch thick solid steel and is available in chrome or can be painted.

When the vehicle's hood cannot be raised, hood access hatches are now provided. These hatches are ideal for pre-trip inspections and general maintenance, allowing for ease of service and reduced maintenance time and costs.

An air-intake pre-cleaner is now offered. This pre-cleaner is an inertial dust filter designed to extend the life of the primary air filter. The pre-cleaner creates a cyclonic action: as dust passes through, a skimming device captures dust and debris in a built-in drop tube. When the drop-tube reaches a certain weight, the debris is automatically purged. This option is suitable for vocational applications in high-dust or dirty conditions.

Business Class M2 Vs can also be specified with a front-engine power take-off (FEPTO) provision without the standard frame rail extensions.

They offer up to a 55-degree wheel-cut, allowing for maximum agility while the 2,500-square-inch windshield and low-profile dash provide an expansive view.

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