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New SmartRide suspensions introduced by Dana at Lugoff manufacturing plant

THE NEW Dana Spicer SmartRide RS40 and RS46 suspensions were introduced at Dana Corp's 230,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Lugoff, South Carolina. Also sharing the spotlight was the newly-enhanced Dana Spicer Tire Maintenance System (TMS).

SmartRide RS40 and RS46 feature a weight-reduced slider assembly with four-pin lock system that locates pins in front of the hanger to provide rigid attachment and more even distribution of load in order to resist buckling or bending, said Mark Holley, trailer axle and chassis control systems product manager.

“SmartRide suspensions are a smart choice for customers looking for the advantages of advanced technology product options and the best combination of material, component, and modular technology,” said Steve Slesinski, commercial vehicle systems product planning director.

The SmartRide RS40 and RS46 are available in standard widths of 42 inches, 48 inches, and wide-based 54 inches to accommodate wide-based single tires.

In addition to air-ride suspension systems available in standard or wide-based configurations, Dana now offers customized suspension modules. Customers can create individually customized suspension packages tailored for a specific application.

Tire system

The Tire Maintenance System contains an updated electronic control unit with new over-molds designed to protect all connection points, said Jim Beverly, advanced chassis control systems chief engineer. Additional protection of the tire hose connection to the hubcap may be specified with an optional guard, which helps prevent damage that might occur from operators using the wheel as a step to check the trailer.

“This product measures tire pressure, maintains the pressure automatically, and signals a warning only when necessary,” Beverly said.

Dana envisions future opportunities for the TMS where it will interface with other vehicle sensors, such as those associated with brake wear and wheel end temperature.

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